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the HTML5 - Dynamic/Directory Web Player

in CSS, PHP and JS

-=|| Here is a Working Demo ||=-

This project has grown out of needs from several projects of mine where I wanted to have easy access to audio files, and a simple way to organize and update their play order.



The user interface handles common player functions (Play, pause, rewind, previous, next) as well as adjustable volume and progress.

In addition to the obvious audio playback features the dPlayer can be called using its URL while also passing the path to the directory we wish to play. The dPlayer then looks for a playlist file, which if found sets the playlist, and can even select the album art to go with each song.

If no playlist is found, dPlayer scans the directory and builds a playlist from all the audio files in the directory.

If the audio files are named using a particular pattern, (see DPlayer-HowTo) play order can be set by file name, without showing on the play list. In fact you can specify title and performer to be displayed separately.
For Example:


Would be the Song Falling by Christopher Bingham, and it would play fourth on the playlist.

Here's a partial screen-shot from an Online MixTape I made:

Playlist Example