{Snippets Pub} is built and managed with the PmWiki framework:

PmWiki, like most good software, continues to grow and develop. It began as a structure for building Wiki sites, and has evolved into a mature Content Management System (CMS), built on PHP. Its founding philosophy is a little different from most other Wiki and CMS systems, and to my mind, it is the best fit for developing web-sites and web-tools - for those who love to learn.

PmWiki started as a flexible and easily customized, Open-Source Wiki framework, much like WordPress has grown from a Blog framework. For my taste, there are real advantages to its flat-file structure and other features which allow easy control of appearance and features, and which also allow easy customization across distinct Groups of pages, or even single pages.

It has an open-source PHP base, which works well with pure html with css sites, making the framework easy to customize and expand. Of course, you can add functions and features with Javascript as well as other web technologies (See the extensive Cookbook section for PwWiki "Recipes" or Add-Ons. There are also many pre-built skins (style themes) to quickly change website appearance. The documentation is extensive, although admittedly not always the easiest to use. The code itself is pretty well commented. I have learned a great deal by taking things apart and seeing how they work, as I create new features and customize how I want my pages to work.

Updating sites has proven easier and more efficient for me than WordPress, and backup and migration are done with simple data transfers, since the whole Wiki is flat-file based. I have no doubt there are many who prefer other systems, I do not pretend to think or code like the majority of programmers today. Which is part of why I have started {Snippets Pub} in the first place. If you like what we are doing, if you appreciate the mind-set of {Snippets Pub}, you may well find it is worth your while to look into PmWiki.

I in fact, have hopes that as this community grows, we can expand the PmWiki community and improve the support for this wonderful tool.

With a special thanks to Paul Michaud (PM) the creator of PmWiki, and to Petko Yotov who has carried the torch for many years now supporting, maintaining and improving PmWiki and the PmWiki community.

For me to go from idea to reality with the {Snippets Pub} project has only been possible because of what PmWiki can do and what I have learned from working with it!

Read on in the PmWiki  section of this site, or go visit https://www.pmwiki.org itself!