I have learned a great deal from material, examples and working code shared by others on the web, and I believe that we should repay generosity with generosity. Which really is a core part of the Open Source culture. I have to admit, I also believe in rewarding people for their good work, to encourage and to support more of that work. So, I thought it worth trying to create a space where other people with similar feelings could come together and build both a resource and a community.

Rather than repeat all of what is said in the Philosophy section, I will just point out that the objective here is to build a resource of freely available code but at the same time provide a method for people to say, "Thanks!" and reward the authors for solutions we provide. If we can also build an active community of people who want to refine and improve the code, and develop new code, new solutions, then I will be delighted!

Please join us, however you can, and I encourage you to learn, and to practice the value of Gratitude for what we each have received, and the value of Generosity with what we each are able to share!

Why "Pub?"

The "Pub" part of our name, {Snippets Pub} suggests the word public and the idea of a friendly place for community to gather, it also comes from the "Say Thanks" philosophy of "Buy Me a Beer" buttons you often find where programmers are sharing their work for free. These buttons give those of us who enjoy someone's work, a way to repay their kindness of having shared it for free. Visitors here, are encourage to say, "thanks" for the help you get from our contributors in just that way.

Once you become an established contributors, you are allowed to have your own "say thanks" button on any project your contribute--when it is your own original work shared under an Open Share License. We are still working out the details of how that will happen, and are open to your input. Expect a certain amount of qualification along with curating the code for each contribution before we add a "Buy Me a Beer" button.

- Kirk Siqveland

What's that Wooden Symbol?

As most programmers, I enjoy a good double entendre. The image is a Viking Rune, a symbol from my own cultural heritage--the old Norse Alphabet. Runes, like all writing systems are a form of Code: they are a means of conveying knowledge and information, and even of creation and shaping the world around us. As programmers we seek ways to do exactly that in our modern code. This particular rune is much like symbols we use today in various programming languages, and also traditionally represented Harvest and Creation... so... nicely fitting layers of meaning.

Good enough for me when looking for an image or logo for {Snippets Pub}.

Kirk Siqveland Edmonds, Washington - USA