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NoMAD Code:

- No-Modification Code Modules

Three Examples:

the NoMAD Philosophy:

Nomadic Cultures, because of their mobile nature, have learned to be selective about what they carry with them - with high value placed on simple, reliable and multi-purpose use. Which is not to say they don't also have a great appreciation for beautiful design, for certainly they do!

Taking this as our inspiration, the NoMAD Code philosophy strives to develop, test, and streamline code in order to build efficient reusable, and multi-use modules that can enhance efficient design, implementation and upgrading.

The Programming concept of "Modular Design" is nothing new, but the implementation is often, well, not-exactly modular - seemingly more theory than practice.

The idea behind NoMAD Code Design is to be actually modular in practice: written to a more structured standard, which is saved and shared using internally-complete modules. This produces code which can be more reliably implemented, shared, and accessed from code outside the module--
without any modifications required.

At first glance, this might seem to be problematic, introducing unnecessary bulk which takes longer to write; however, in practice, being able to rely on ready-built, tested methods, using standardized code-modules, eliminates much custom-made code. Custom code, being less tested, is often more prone to problems and requires trouble-shooting, patches and work-arounds... adding errors, adding bulk and wasting time.

A typical NoMAD Package may involve several files.
Particularly those made for web development, which require multiple languages such as CSS, PHP and JavaScript.

NoMAD code is designed to meet several expectations:

(And, nobody is perfect so there is always room for improvement...)

If you haven't figured it out yet, this is one of the driving forces behind the creation of {Snippets Pub}: to allow collaborative development of NoMAD Code packages and make sharing them easy.