A selection of Tools I wrote mostly for myself...

These are all Windows based tools.
They are all written in Visual Basic, but rely on Windows APIs for most of the real work.

Started long ago, yet they are still things I use a lot, and continue to update.
Tested with Windows 10, 8, 7, & XP (and some with 2K).

That are all written as Portable software - no installation required.
(They may save settings files to the current directory.)

(try it, if you like it that's all you need to know.)

KSTerm - a Serial Comm Terminal

KSTerm Logo

for Robotics, Internet of Things, Automation, Arduino / Micro-Controller Projects, and for the Automation / Low-Voltage Professional.

Use your PC/Laptop to communicate with, and debug communication with
Serial / TTY / ASCII devices.

This is an outgrowth of my KSComm32 project a replacement for the MSComm32 Serial Port Library. KSComm32.cls is built from direct API calls and does not need / load any supporting libraries.
(To use it in your own code you will need the UART_KS.bas file I wrote to implement the class module.)
KSTerm and KSComm32 rely on direct communication (API calls) with the Windows OS.

On my ToDo list is to fully port the KSComm32 project to VBA. (anyone want to commission that work?)

MapBits - BitWise and BitMap Visualization

MapBits Logo

For learning, visualizing and documenting small bitmaps (numbers as binary flags, not images) and for understanding BitWise Operations. Great for working with Operating System or other program API's when using DWords or other bitmap/numeric flags.

Visually watch how numbers and bits interact according to BitWise Operations:
Map and Read bitmap numbers (decimal or hex) using bit-flags by name!

Convert and Read numbers as bitmaps, or Bit-States into bitmap numbers.
Maps can be saved and loaded as simple text files.

InputHook - Input (Keyboard/Mouse) Monitor

Monitor Keyboard/Mouse input (at the Scan-Code level)
with Extensive Lookup, Cross-Reference features:

UTF8-1 / HID / ASCII / VKC / Binary / Hex / Decimal / Morse

InputHook Logo

Monitor or look-up Keyboard / Mouse input, ASCII, KeyCode Constants, Morse Code.
Even monitor key-chord sequence, as well as Cross-Reference/translate Key-Names
Decimal, Hex, Binary, ASCII, Scan Codes, and Virtual Key Codes.

Safely Monitor all Keyboard Input without passing it through to other applications.
Great for developing and testing Alternative-Input devices and software (HID)!

While not strictly a key-logger - no data is recorded, this sometimes trips anti-virus
the source code is available so you can see what and how it works to be sure it is safe.
Or, compile it yourself.