{Snippets Pub} Philosophy

There are really two sections here: Who We Are, and How We Work.

Who We Are:
We are building a community of people who like to write code and who like to share what we have learned.
This is a collaborative site, where we aim to learn from each other, and to improve and refine what we do and what we share.
To that end:

Which means we welcome constructive participation.

What would those ideals and principles be?

We believe in sharing and learning, and sharing what we learn.

We believe in encouraging others to learn and to share.

We believe in saying, "thank-you" when you have learned from, or benefited from someone else's work; and we encourage doing so however you can, with words, with deeds, or with gifts such as buying a programmer a round.

We believe in promoting best-practices and keeping our code up-to-date.

For that, we need the help of people like you.

We believe you can often learn more from modifying and taking apart working code than trying to build completely from scratch.

We believe in encouraging the DIY, the Hacker, the Hobbyist and the Professional to follow these same ideals.
Starting with those who have more questions than answers.

We encourage (not demand) an Open-Share / Open-Source mindset and work habits.
(ToDo: Add an Open-Share and Open-Source Philosophy page)

What Does that Means Here?

{ Snippets Pub } is designed as an attempt to provide easy-to-find and useful information for people who code, or are learning to code.

We have layers of participation:

Thank you for your interest, and we hope to see more of you!

- Kirk