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Navigate Server Directories as Sortable Web-Pages

Make File selection and download easy and stylish

in PHP,CSS and JS
final version by Kirk Siqveland
See source files for other Authors
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© 2022 CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0

Full Demo:

Display and Browse Server Directories, with CSS and PHP control over appearance and titles:

Change one file to modify the appearance of all included Directories!

The idea is to have a set of files in a single directory that are used by all included directories to provide HTML/CSS layout and decoration so all (allowed) files in that directory are visible and downloadable, from an interface that matches the rest of your site.

This is achieved with several hidden files and a hidden directory called from the .htacces and .index.php file in each directory to be displayed using this method. The same .htaccess and .index.php file can be copied into each with no changes needed to make them display the same way - using that directory's name as part of the page title.

A core folder ( .dir_nav ) contains a series of php files and the CSS that provide the custom display features.

Just using the files as provided here, you need only edit the .setup.php file to set your Site Title, Host Name and Root Path

After that you can edit the CSS as you please to get the look and feel you wish.

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