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Welcome to Snippets Pub!

Here you can find:

Here, when we say, {Snippets} we mean functional examples of some method, feature or trick.
We like them to be presented with enough code for you to easily load and test the example on your own server.

We are also building our library of larger components, which we call NoMADs, as well as full programs where the source-code is available, programs we think are useful to programmers, and we are working on a section with recommendations and reviews of programs we like to use as programmers, including online tools as well.

{ Snippets Pub } is a 'curated' resource: content built with a set of common requirements to provide consistency. We strive to refine our content, improve it, and keep it up-to-date. Developers are encouraged to contribute your own code, your constructive criticism, best-practices, end even recommendations for resources and tools. We are always looking for better solutions, and targeted alternatives methods.

If you have come here to learn - jump right in, find solutions, take them apart and see how they work! If we are able to save you time and frustration at work, or we have taught you something new, please think about what it is worth to you and contribute back to those who helped you by sharing their hard work and experience. Which in turn, helps us build and share more!

When you are ready to contribute some of your own work, please read the Philosophy page for our expectations for participation and for code we publish on this site.

Here, we encourage source code to be shared, open and available.

You can learn from our working examples, use the software we have made or get answers from our "How To" section. As our community grows, we will have an active Forum to help solve problems and provide examples of best practices, and as answers mature they will be curated/moved to the HowTo section.

Please remember while the software source code here is openly shared, it is still protected and you must follow the license indicated on the page where you find the code.

That said, we encourage you to consider the value of what others here have shared - if we have saved you time and frustration, if we have taught you new things, please say, "thank you!" in the currency you can - whether a kind word, by following a link to send a "Thank You" / Support to the author, or by contributing your own code to pay it forward.

You might also find our Tools-and-Toys page interesting for applications developed by our {Snippets Pub} contributors; and on the Recommended page you will find links and reviews of software tools we like.

If you want to join our team of contributors and developers, please read the Philosophy page, then the Design-Frameworks page, then contact us through the Become a Member / Contributor page.

I for one do not pretend to have learned all the best habits and skills, but I have a strong desire to improve, and I believe in sharing knowledge while learning and striving towards ideals. I hope you will join me in that quest, maybe starting by learning from the code we have, but soon, I hope, adding your suggestions to improve our code, grow our community, and then even contributing code of your own.

This site is a layered Wiki with various levels of access, depending on your level of participation.
You don't need to joint to read and learn from our content
(Copyrights do apply, authors retain those rights according to the license specified where the code is displayed and referenced within the code.)

If you want to comment, contribute or ask questions you can join for free.
We do not collect any data you do not knowingly share, and we do not share any data with anyone but the {Snippets Pub} maintenance team as required to manage this site - full stop, end of discussion, unless you have a valid warrant (see the Policies-and-Legal page.

Feel free to weigh in with likes and dislikes, reviews and suggestions using the comments sections.

If you get inspired and have the time, you might want to join our Curators.

- Kirk


Founder of {Snippets Pub}